This site is the home of ConvoFS, a convolving file system which offers a new way of applying digital room correction (DRC) filters. The site provides you with a lot of information and answers some of the questions you may have about ConvoFS.

As the name may hint, ConvoFS was initially only intended for digital room correction (DRC) use. But with features such as upsampling, M/S encoding, and LoCo support, you may choose to use it just for those purposes.

If you have questions/problems/ideas related to ConvoFS, don’t hesitate to drop me a note (see the copyright/contact section).

What’s new in ConvoFS 2.3.x?

  • Add ConvoFS support for FrankL’s LoCoTest program for generating LoCo filters.
  • Synology distribution: ship with LoCoTest v0.5. See the ‘general concepts section below.

What was new in ConvoFS 2.0.0 .. 2.2.x?

  • Enhancements of the extended web interface.
  • Better handling of per-track configuration changes to avoid track skipping.
  • Extended control of playback preferences including a basic mode.
  • Add German translation of web interface.
  • Introduce “aggressive convolving”.
  • Add web interface colored activity indicator
  • Preliminary support for DSD upsampling and preparation for PCM d.o. Currently not enabled in the Synology builds. See info later in this document.
  • Provide help with debugging clipping issues.
  • LoCo encoding.
  • Phase/Polarity manipulation.
  • Define DRC parameters (attenuation, phase, etc.) per bank, not globally.
  • Customizable logging verbosity leading to smaller log/config bundles.
  • Improved help pages.
  • Internals: generate proper, persistent inode numbers.

For detailed change logs, go to the appropriate section of this site.

N.B.: ConvoFS 2.1.x and later on Synology requires the version 4 base package. If you run 2.0.x, you’ll have to upgrade the base package before upgrading ConvoFS. The base packages contain executable code compiled for 64-bit computers. Consequently, some Synology boxes that were supported by ConvoFS 1.x cannot run later releases. Known to include DS214play.