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Welcome the ugly & boring looking front page of two interesting projects - ConvoFS and ConvoProxy - different approaches to the same challenge: bringing room correction and other DSP functions to audio playback setups that do not support it natively.

ConvoFS is the oldest project -- it is a "convolving filesystem". This means it squeezes itself in between your the computer/NAS' disk and the media server. The big virtue of ConvoFS is that it - due to its design is media server agnostic. ConvoFS is not dead, but not much development takes place these days.

ConvoProxy is the new big thing -- as the name suggest, it is a proxy - it intercepts the connection between your UPNP/OpenHome streamer and the media server.

For new setups, you should probably consider ConvoProxy - this is where things happen. Furthermore, ConvoProxy is faster than ConvoFS, and the WAV conversion issues that afflicts ConvoFS is a non-issue.

ConvoFS and ConvoProxy both run on Intel based Synology NAS boxes and ordinary Ubuntu/Debian Linux machines. ConvoProxy can also, with a more complicated installation procedure run on Intel based QNAP NAS boxes.

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