ConvoProxy is a “Convolving Proxy” designed for sitting in between a media server and a UP/NP compatible network audio streamer. For streamers other than Linn devices, you need ConvoProxy 1.1.0 or later and the help of BubbleUPnP Server: . BubbleUPnP Server runs on a variety of systems including Synology/QNAP devices.

Although ConvoProxy is a different product than ConvoFS, they address the same issue – introducing convolving/resampling to media setups that do not necessarily support that.

  ConvoFS ConvoProxy
Resampling Y Y
WAV transcoding Y Y
LoCo Y Y
LoCo test Y N
M/S encoding Y Y
Stored preferences Y Y
Multilingual Y N

The N’s are be subject to change in a later releases.

ConvoProxy 1.1.x and later: important information

ConvoProxy 1.1.x added support for non-Linn UPnP devices with the help of the 3rd party product Bubble UPnP Server.. Beware that for non-Linn devices, the control point application e.g the Kazoo/Linn/Lumin App, will show the original sample rate/format even when doing resampling. This is due to technical issues and cannot easily be fixed. Linn streamers, however, will show the correct rate. If you have sample rate display in your streamer/DAC, it should show the correct rate.

Furthermore, having installed/updated to ConvoProxy 1.1.0+, you may need to update your the app music database (Lumin App) or go up/down a level in the media browser. This to ensure that your streamer receive the modified music paths presented by ConvoProxy. Otherwise, music will play back as if ConvoProxy is in pass-through mode. This changed behaviour is a consequence of supporting non-Linn devices.