Acknowledgements etc

ConvoFS uses a lot of great open source software to accomplish its goals, including:

  • BruteFir copyright Anders Torger.
  • Flake copyright Justin Ruggles. Please note that ConvoFS uses a modified version of Flake that is only suitable for its use. Refer to the file flake-diff.txt to see the changes.
  • SoX
  • ffmpeg

The Synology/QNAP binary packages include compiled binaries of Flake. The source distribution ships with the corresponding source/diff.

Also, ConvoFS in agreement with “FrankL” ships a number pre-generated filters - downloaded from - for supporting LoCo. Also, the Synology/QNAP binary distributions ships & installs Frankl*s ‘locotest’ program.

Just one more thing: a great thank you to all the users, who’ve downloaded ConvoFS and patiently submitted bug reports, feature requests, and other enhancements.