Acknowledgements etcΒΆ

ConvoFS uses a lot of great open source software to accomplish its goals, including:

  • BruteFir copyright Anders Torger.
  • Flake copyright Justin Ruggles. Please note that ConvoFS uses a modified version of Flake that is only suitable for its use. Refer to the file flake-diff.txt to see the changes.
  • Sox copyright, w/the DSD patches made by Computer Audiophile user ‘Mansr’.
  • MPEG-ID3v2Tag copyright Carey Tilden.


  • FFTW copyright Matteo Frigo and MIT
  • Perl copyright Larry Wall and others.
  • Flac copyright Xiph.Org Foundation
  • Libmad copyright Underbit Technologies

The Synology main binary package includes compiled binaries of the first group of products. The source distribution ships with the corresponding sources. The Synology base package ship ships with selected binaries from “ArchLinux” packages. Refer to the ConvoFS web interface “about” tab for details

Also, ConvoFS in agreement with “FrankL” ships a number pre-generated filters - downloaded from - for supporting LoCo.

Just one more thing: a great thank you to all the users who’ve downloaded ConvoFS and patiently submitted bug reports, feature requests, and other enhancements.