This site is the home of ConvoFS, a convolving file system, which offers a new way of applying digital room correction (DRC) filters. The site provides you with a lot of information and answers some of the questions you may have about ConvoFS.

As the name may hint, ConvoFS was initially only intended for digital room correction (DRC) use. But with features such as upsampling, M/S encoding, and LoCo support, you may choose to use it just for those purposes.

If you have questions/problems/ideas related to ConvoFS, don’t hesitate to drop me a note (see the copyright/contact section).

Also: if you would like to get relevant notifications in your mailbox about new ConvoFS releases/features, an announcement mailing list has been created:

ConvoFS announcement mailing list

ConvoFS release series

There are currently 3 series of ConvoFS releases:

  • Stable: this should be the most tested release series. But no major features will be added.
  • Feature: this is a series where releases with fundamentally new features will initially appear. While not unstable, there may be rough edges left.
  • Old stable: Should be stable and possibly the most widely deployed release series. But if bugs appear or if new hardware breaks something, users may be referred to changing to a stable / feature release. So please consider Stable/Feature release for new installs.

What is new in ConvoFS 3.2.x?

  • Support WAV output format (integrated with resampling)
  • Rewrote garbage collector vastly reducing its footprint.
  • Ship with optimized Fuse perl module.

What’s new in ConvoFS 3.1.x (Stable release series)?

  • Support for processing M4A/MP3 files. They will be presented as FLAC files by ConvoFS.
  • Support for running ConvoFS on QNAP NAS boxes.
  • New, docker based installer / run time support

What was new in ConvoFS 3.0.0?

  • New memory-based internal caching system
  • Advanced up/resampling features.

Please refer to the two last parts of the general concepts section of the documentation. If you’re upgrading from 2.x, you’re advised to - after having upgraded - to rebuild the internal ConvoFS meta database. You can do this from the maintenance tab.

What was new in ConvoFS 2.0.0 .. 2.3.x (Old Stable release series)?

For detailed changelogs, go to the appropriate section of this site.