Download and change logs

You can find the ConvoFS download area here.

Change log 3.2.x

3.2.1	Important: fix agressive convolving ignoring memory allocator.

3.2.0   Handle WAV output (transcoding from the original input media file format).
        Rewrote garbage collector.
	Ship with a tuned copy of perl Fuse module (

Change log 3.1.x

3.1.4	Silently strip initial and trailing spaces in new bank names to avoid problems.

3.1.3	Optimize on file name normalazation ("fixup"). Cherrýpick from 3.2.0.

3.1.2	??

3.1.1	Cherry pick web interface changes from upcoming 3.2.0.
	Support Acourate .dbl files.
	Fix issue with M/S encoding and Index mode.
	Fix issue with brutefir wisdom files piling up.
	Disable some monitoring code  for loglevel < 3.

3.1.0	Rewrote media handling code using a 3rd party (open source) module to do the heavy lifting. 
	In addition to FLAC, support M4a & MP3 format files.
	Use new Docker based environment. Support QNAP boxes.

Change log 3.0.x

3.0.0	Lots of code changes. Enhanced resampling features. New memory-based internal caching system.

Change log 2.3.x

2.3.2	Fix permission problems with newer 6.1.x Synology DSM relases.

2.3.1	Fix problem with long bank names.

2.3.0	Add support for FrankL's LoCoTest program.

Change log 2.2.x

2.2.2	Fix problem with new filterbank not always working.

2.2.1	Enhance 'configuration footprint' handling to avoid track skipping on some streamers.
	Fix some related bugs.

2.2.0	Add extended mode enhancements.

Change log 2.1.x

2.1.4	Fix ConvoFS Loco implementation which was _badly_ broken :(

2.1.3	Synology only - ship with proper software copyright notices
	for third-party binaries. Requires base package v/4.

2.1.2	Fix ConvoFS not properly detecting filter config being changed.

2.1.1	Activity indicator: show how many active convolver engines.
	Fix memory leak in aggressive convolving.
	Fix multi-language bug.
	Change 'dontset' message to 'not set'.
	Fix a web interface extended mode bug.

2.1.0	Add German translations of web interface.
	Add extended interface for controlling play-back preferences.
	Add a "basic" interface mode.
	Add "agressive convolving".
	Add LoCo banks
	Add web interface colored activity indicator

Change log 2.x

2.0.2	Fix Linux install problem if the patch program is missing.
	Fix level difference of 1.9 dB when enabling/disabling M/S enc.

2.0.1	Fix start-up problem which - on Synology - could cause ConvoFS to appear empty.

2.0.0   Lots of code changes. Preliminary support DSD upsampling/FLAC resampling. 
	(currently only from 44.1 khZ and not on Synology).
        Provide help with debugging clipping issues.
        LoCo encoding.
        Phase inversion, even inverse phase.
        Define DRC parameters (attenuation, phase etc) per bank.
        Customizable logging verbosity leading to smaller log/config bundles.
        Internals: generate proper, persistent inode numbers.

Change log 1.x

1.79    Fix bug in 1.78 which could deadlock ConvoFS if bad music dir.

1.78    Fix deadlock situation if mount dir is sub dir of music dir.
        Fix embarrassing problem with specific directory names, e.g.' test.flac'.
        Fix problem if music dir is wrong at start-up.

1.77    Move setting lastrate value from convofs.cfg to a separate file.
        Add locking in handling convofs.cfg.
        Force ConvoFS permissions to be all-read / all-write depending on if writing is enabled -- letting the underlying dir perms go -- through created problems.
        Synology: fix installation problems when admin account is disabled.

1.76p1  Fix silly error in 1.76 which led to small 'ticks' in playback
1.76    Support M/S encoding.

1.75    Support FLAC files w/embedded IDv3 data.
        More resilience wrs corner cases.

1.74    Support REW generated filters.
        Add one more convolution thread to avoid starvation when using Roon.
        Support sample rates 352.8 and 384.
        Synology: require PHP 5.6.
        Synology: Fix startup failure when rebooting NAS.
        Fix NgINX config problem leading to broken pictures.
        Don't crash if we see an unknown sample rate.

1.73    Chase down a couple of race conditions after stress testing -- undo a little of the lock-splitting in 1.70.

1.72    Support Synology DSM rev. 6.

1.71    Squeeze the last bit of performance out of PassThru mode thus increasing AURALiC indexing performance with 60%.
        Fixed a rare but reproducible AbEnd but more importantly, if crashing, do save the last
        log msgs to the log file.
        Fix logging issue with wrong UUIDs.
        Rework FLAC header caching.
        Implement convolution thread affinity to cope with Roon doing instant readahead of next track.
        More Roon work.
        Added somewhat sketchy online documentation.

1.70    Further GUI enhancements, daemon changes to better cope with Roon.
        Make log files less chatty. Bzip2 them when building support bundles.
        Make ConvoFS fully multi-threaded.
        Rewrote parts of x_read routine to increase speed so that we can cope with 192
        kbit stuff even on slow CPUs and 4k reads.

1.62    Many enhancements to GUI.

1.61    Minor change in look-ahead code, fixing a Roon related problem.
        Support uploading multiple filters into a bank.
        Extend info shipped w/support bundle.

1.60    Reworked GUI. Added preliminary concept of filter banks.
        Optimize directory traversal (indexing!)
        Caught a nasty memory leak in x_read_buf -- revert to use good old x_read interface.
        Synology: avoid RAM filesystems piling up due to silly path name length restriction.
        Sanitized HTML code.

1.55    Fix bug where corrupt FLAC file w/o duration or sample rate would crash ConvoFS.

1.54    Do proper SQL quoting when updating metadata db.
        Fix Linux installer problem.

1.53    Disable auto-refreshing. Nice feature but causes too may browser-dependent troubles :(
        Do further work on the plain Linux installer making it more robust.

1.52    Reduce logging verbosity.
        Add Braswell to support Synology architectures.

1.51    GUI enhancements.
        Tune AURALiC Lightning server support.
        Other changes.

1.50    Rewrote the convolution scheduler yet another time.
        Added indexing aka PassThru mode.
        Added Pre-DRC attenuation.
        GUI changes.
        Support AURALiC lightning server.
        Did away with the convolver cache in favor of two small RAM disks.
        Support prior Linux flavors like Debian 7.8 and Ubuntu 12.

1.43    Meta data database rebuild GUI changes.
        GUI bugfix wrs enabling/disabling DRC.
        Reduce metadata cache effective size to about / 3 and increase rebuild speed.
        Implement write support. Disabled by default.
        Fix a bug so that we now support music titles containing at(@)-signs.
        Improved error handling in bruted, dead man's handle should work now.
        Chasing a race condition related to get_next.

1.42    Show warning/note of advise after having uploaded filter.
        Fix problem with dotted attenuations.
        Fix problem with @eaDir on Synology.
        Don't litter the temp dir, it will cause _bad_ problems with large music collections.
        Changing music dir no longer requires a restart.
        Introduce preconvolve-cache data sanity check.
        Enhancements for big music collections.

1.41    Introduced meta cache preheat function.

1.40    Rewrote helper daemons from bash to perl to prepare for Synology.
        We don't need xinetd any more.
        Make things more Synology friendly.
        Pause reaper threads if there's been no I/O for more than 10 minutes.
        Added feature: download log bundle
        Now possible to change mount/music dirs from the web interface
        Use NgINX/PHP-FM rather than Apache.
        Correct update ConvoFS file size/mtime when music dir file is updated.
        Implement non-UTF8 chars in filenames fixup.
        Generate an I/O error if there's no active filter for a given rate rather than doing wrong things.
        Do away with the FLAC-change values kludge.

1.31    Fix (though not strictly a bug) the fact that ConvoFS would inflate a gazillion balloons when MinimServer starts.
        Do away with the in-memory attribute cache. Added a timestamp field to the SQlite database.

1.30    Rewrote convolution scheduler to chop everything into 30-sec chunks rather than the usual three stages.
        Web interface: add more sanity checking of uploaded files.
        Did a clean-room install and fixed the installer which was severely broken.

1.20    64 bit support for filters and internal brutefir precision
        Web interface more informative wrs sample rate / precision / #taps
        Don't distribute binaries anymore, compile from sources
        Ship BruteFir 1.0m sources and compile it during installation.
        Don't overwrite/reset settings when upgrading
        Prune logs
        Sorting supported in the web interface.
        Support clearing cache from web interface.
        Tune non-DRC fast-track

1.10    Fix broken handling of files originating from iTunes
        Fix race condition in file preprocessing causing artwork mixup
        Daemon bug fixes
        Web interface: new feature: specify attenuation in nonDRC mode facilitating equalizing DRC vs nonDRC loudness

1.00    Initial release